Monday, June 14th, Edmonton Cubs vs St.Albert Tigers @ John Fry Park, Edmonton

The Cubs Opened the 2021 season on June 14 against the St. Albert Tigers.

The young Tigers came out flying most of them fresh off the college season. The Edmonton Cubs ( the reigning league champions) were a bit more sluggish and looking a bit rusty. They did their best and grinded it out in the Monday evening match-up but came up a bit short with their first loss since the 2019 season.

The Cub’s batter’s seemed like they had some trouble tracking the ball and base hits were scarce. Most of the Cubs hadn’t played in almost 18 months with only a few of them getting in a few games last year in the NCABL (North Central Alberta Baseball AA League ) in a shortened season.

The Cub’s pitching staff struggled a bit, from the starters to the bullpen but they did manage to keep the game close, and nearly come back in the final inning only to lose by a run 4.3.

Still, the Cubbies had some bright spots, a solo home run by Ryan Kosolofski was a good spark and the Cubs played much better than one might have expected after a long off, as they shake off the Covid Rust and regain their balance you can expect that they will complete like the Champions they are, looking to repeat their Championship Win they had in 2019.